ColourPop Super Shock Shadow and No Filter Concealer


For years, I’ve been hearing only good things about ColourPop, and the products are CHEAP, but for whatever reason, I never bought anything. I’ve been trying to find a good concealer for my dark circles and now that I feel more comfortable with eyeshadow, I figured this was a good a time as any to give the brand a try.

From top: Truth, Brady, Static, Sequin

I bought the Love Line Super Shock Eyeshadow bundle and the No Filter Concealer.

They have so many amazing eyeshadow colors, but I wanted to make sure I got something that I would really wear because I’m still unsure about playing with crazy colors. Love Line is a mauvey, burgundy set which I think can be used for both a day time neutral look or a more intense night look. As you can see in the swatch photo, the top color, Truth, is barely noticeable, but I’ve actually been looking for a light tan to put down before any color, so it’s perfect for that as well as for a neutral lid to blend into those dark colors.

These Super Shock shadows are the coolest shadows I’ve ever touched. Literally, they feel cool and wet to the touch. Sequin especially feels like it’s wet. It’s bizarre but amazing. The website says for max coverage to use your fingertip to tap shadow directly onto the eyelid and then a fluffy brush to blend the edges. I don’t love that kind of application. I’d rather use brushes for the whole thing but it does make it pretty easy. I think it will take a little bit of practice to do more creative looks, but for simple, everyday looks, it’s quick. And there’s almost no fall out.

This concealer is only $6. I can’t even believe that. They must have just upped their shade range, because the website says “now in 30 shades,” and it starts with a literal white. Buying concealer or foundation online is tricky, because it’s so difficult to tell if the pictured swatch is really what it’s going to look like when it’s on your skin, but I think ColourPop does a good job of walking you through it. They have a chart here, showing the different colors on different people, laying out which ones are cool and which ones are warm. Then, when you’re actually on the buy page, you can select your skin tone and they narrow down the options, then select your undertones and they narrow down the options even more. I ended up with Light 14 and it’s actually a perfect match. Another cool thing is that when you select a color, there’s a recommended highlight shade based on your selected color. So if you’re looking to get one to conceal and one to highlight, they’ve done that work for you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an easier shopping experience.

Is this the best concealer in the world? No. I’ve yet to find that for my dark circles. I thought I found it in Tarte’s Shape Tape, but after a few times, it was just so dry looking. Any recommendations for covering dark circles are welcome! If anyone has tricks for the Super Shock shadows, I’d love to hear those as well.

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