Morphe 3502 Palette

If you’ve paid any attention to the beauty world in the last few years, you know the name Morphe. It seems like every beauty YouTuber uses their products and is often shouting out Morphe in their videos. For one reason or another, I never checked out the brand. I think it was mostly because I was scared I’d want everything and be able to afford nothing. (Story of my life considering I have expensive taste and a bank account that doesn’t match.) But I finally realized what seemingly everyone else in the world already knew: Morphe offers high end makeup with a very affordable price tag!

Last week I got the 3502 palette from Ulta. I planned on getting the 350 palette, which is cool toned and more of what I usually gravitate toward, but alas the only thing the Ulta store near me carried was the 3502. I was nervous that it was too warm and I wouldn’t end up liking the colors, but I also didn’t want to go home empty handed, and wow I have been pleasantly surprised.

IMG_4603First, these palettes are huge. They have 35 shades for $23! You can get smaller, 25 shade palettes for $18 and 12 for $15. My only other high end eyeshadow is the Androgyny palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics which costs $45 for only 10 shades. And that’s no shade to Jeffree, because I live for everything he does and that palette is my pride and joy, but it’s just a comparison to show what Morphe offers for such reasonable prices. The only thing I wish this palette had is a mirror. It’s so huge, that a mirror that big would be perfect to do your makeup in. And a personal preference is to have the shade names printed right on the packaging instead of on a removable plastic sheet. It’s not a deal breaker because it doesn’t actually matter what the name is, I just like to pretend I’m filming vlogs while I do my makeup haha!

These shadows are so blendable. I’m no beauty guru and I often struggle to do even basic eyeshadow, but with these, I can really make it look like I know what I’m doing.

These looks are basically identical with a few differences. The shades I used:
Universal, Tan, Flux, Contour, Rich, Stone, Toast, Brunette, Whiz, Pure

The other products I used:

  • Wet n Wild Megaliner liquid eyeliner for the first photo; For the second photo I used shade Whiz from the palette
  • Chanel Le Volume De Chanel mascara (it’s expensive but this is the best mascara I’ve ever tried!)
  • Maybelline Master Conceal (as primer and on the inner lid as a base for the lighter shade)
  • Brushes: EcoTools Enhancing Eye Set, MUA Contour & Highlighter Brush and a nameless brush from a Profusion eye palette

I’ll definitely be getting some Morphe brushes and more products soon, probably that 350 palette I was originally eyeing. What brushes do you guys swear by?

This is my first post on this blog about makeup. If you want to read more, give this a like or a comment and tell me what you think. You can also follow me on Instagram.





  1. This palette is so pretty, I love warm shades and I love the quality of Morphe’s shadows. You are so beautiful, I love your creative and pretty makeup look! You are very talented and I am looking forward to your next tutorial. xoxo


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